The dress

design process


With more than 20 years of industry experience each Paula & Jo offer a professional and relaxed service. We work with you to create your favourite gown or outfit.  All we ask is that you put together for us a look book of ideas of the styles that you love coupled with shapes that you feel suit your body and personality type. From here we then design knowing what is the most flattering.

We start with a design and quote session to go through the finer details. Looking at fabrics, addressing figure issues and identifying the perfect style for you. We then provide you with a costing.


From here we set up your fitting schedules to suit and order in any fabrics required.

Each piece is then individually fitted to you staring with a toile or mock. Most garments require 4 to 5 fittings and are staged a fortnight a part. You can choose when you want the garment to be finished, we do recommend one to two weeks before the function is a good time to take your piece home.

It is really important that the correct underwear is worn for each fitting and the shoes are brought to the necessary stage.

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